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Welcome to our website!
(wow that was a lame start, nice going)
*slow, lonesome clap*



 Wow, I can't believe you came here...well I guess that's good! You must be interested if you're looking! So if in fact you are interested....step 1, admit you have a problem. Step 2...get help.

I'm kidding...if you're here your probably beyond help which means YOU'RE PERFECT FOR US!!!

So a little about us. We are a small, casual Rank 10 kinship that seems more like family than a kin. Now, to be upfront…We went silent over the summer. Things got more active in our lives (hello, riding weather!)  and so, we took a break. The game is great but life is better ;)


Some of us are rolling back into the game now. So yes, we are in the re-build process so if you are looking for an active, 3 pages of people on at a time kind of kin, then you should probably stop reading.

Still here? Kewl.


If you were guided here by my insane ramblings on the LOTRO forums then you know the basic premise. We’re nuts. OK! Moving on…


As far as the how big we are, its not the size that matters, it's how you utilize what you have (hehe). Former solo players, new players, low levels, returning players (who are looking at everything going WTF?!) are probably the best fit rather then long time seasoned players looking for a raiding kin. Not that long time players aren't welcome, (DUH! of course they are!!! I would love to have some more experienced players, I'm not stupid! *debatable*) but being casual payers we can’t offer a lot of time and experience with raids etc (yet). But we always like to learn, so we can do more with the kin. Its SO much more fun doing it with others rather than doing it alone. Wait...what? What we can offer is fun, caring people who love to help each other, laugh a lot and sometimes enjoy some off-color humor :D


Now don't get me wrong...


We eventually aspire to be raiding etc, but again, we are in no rush. As long as we do it together, thats what matters. We will still be running instances, skirmishes, holding event nights, contests, bailing kinnies out of jail....wait, what? At TFMP the lowbies won't be forgotten. We will raid some nights, and others will be devoted to helping others level and doing some old school runs. We have no time requirements, or anything like that.
Our main goal is to have fun. Those who argue the philosophy that this is just a game should probably move on.



Are they gone yet?

Ok, we know this IS just a game (a freaking AWESOME one but nonetheless, a game) We know real life comes first so if in the middle of an instance, family calls, we wait. But it may cost you one of the, cookies or pie (because the cake is a lie...)
There are no requirements other then knowing that if you are part of a kin, BE a part of it!! Oh and be old enough to buy us a drink or at least be damn close!


So consider joining, growing with us above all else having fun.


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